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are  canine style dongs included? if so then u got a sub and a buyer XD

This game looks awesome. I love the style of it. Sadly I only have an Android phone. Is there any plan to port it to Android?


I don't have an Android device but once the PC is done I'll see about porting it to other platforms

Im happy to hear that. Thank you for the answer. 


The art looks awesome and i can't wait to play it.

get joiplay in the appstore there u can play renpy games. Just dowmload the pc version and add it in joiplay :)

thank you so much!! You don't even realize how helpful that was. I tried so much different programs and this worked instantly. 

u are welcome :)

What's the schedule like and will you provide NSFW content? Is it sill in Beta?

This game does optionally include NSFW scenes.  Updates are patreon exclusive until the game is complete and I don't have a consistent schedule since I have to do art/backgrounds at certain points

So, updates are only on Patreon users and the public will have everything when it's done. Does that mean that the game is finished for the patreon version, but still provides updates including NSFW already implanted. If that's the case that I'll be happy to become a patreon to receive the exclusive content

No the game is not finished yet, I am going to do the first patreon update I think in February

I'll subscribe in February than, I just hope you'll have everything organized 

Love the style. Well done

when next update?

How many time could take each new version brings up?


there should be a option to choose to buy/not buy this game cause not everyone wants to pay money


There should be an option to pay/not pay bills.

For some reason when I play it none of the characters show up just the text and background.


I want to Android download it game pls , thank you 

I love James. Please tell me we can romance the sweet beefcake...

I never felt so connected to Edger so fast and I just started this and love every minute, wonder if there's gonna be more sexy characters in the future cause so far, all the people I met are sexy (excluding the landlord). I'm gonna subscribe and get the early access, but later though. Wonder if nudity is coming cause that's what's most excite me.

I can never change my choices by scrolling back so I have to save before I make on and it's a little annoying but I'm still loving it.

Just tried the demo and I'm liking it
Nice art and music~ uwu
Looking forward to more!


Is It going to have an Android version? I want to play It so bad


Could their be an android version?

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Huh...awkward....Good thing we'll never see Jonathon again, hahahaha...

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The patreon is for people who want to support the project but you can also just purchase it when it’s done.


Amazing! I really like the vibes of this VN so far! Can't wait for the next update :)

This is a very neat introduction with the demo. The visuals are really nice to look at, and I can't wait to see where this story goes!


This was legit hecka fun for just a short demo, nicely done, :D

Was super excited, but no Mac version is a downer. 

Cool happened :З

fine, I'll wait till ya have mac version


Amazing!! I got a feel of Sly Cooper on Edgar and it was great!! Keep up the good work!!


is Android coming soon please say yes  XD


I'm just focusing on PC atm

that's understandable.

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I've seen a PC emulator for android. But I think it work only with games/novels built in Reply.

Can confirm it works it's called joiplay you can find it on Google play

Yes, that 

I just forgot I had it listed in my profile here.

I just finished the small demo you have released and I loved it, the universe is very interesting and I love the concept so far, also the music traks are great, I can't wait to see what happens next, Great Job

Thanks glad you like it!

Yes. This is perfect