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Edgar the Fox has stumbled through life, never seeming to catch a break.  From a young age he's taken to thieving as a means to survive in this dark, dystopic city.  He's been trying to get away from it and lead a normal life, but things don't always go as they're planned.

The rise of machine life has complicated things further, with corporations seeking to control more and more.  Follow Edgar on an epic adventure, filled with mystery and deception, and possibly the chance of love. 


PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(160 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsFurry, Gay, LGBT, Sci-fi


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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can only hope for a continuation of this story or another in the same universe 


recently play the game again after having finished it back when it has it's final update. still an amazing and I love the music and aesthetic so much! 

since the grand is done now, can we expect an android version? I remember it was something you wanted to explore after completing the game


I just finished it!

It鈥檚 wonderful, like I鈥檝e just watched a movie!

The art, the music and plot 馃グ

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I'm one of the Chinese fans of your visual novel Super Taco Crew.It not only gives me a lot of fun but also moves me a lot! I'm coming to ask whether i could translate this visual novel  into Chinese.

It will not be used for commercial purposes.Just to share your fantastic work to more furry-loving people 

Please be assured锛孴he localization resources will be released as a patch, I won't be releasing the game itself!

I'm sincerely looking forward to getting a reply from you whether you permit it or not.


Yes that would be great 馃槉 

Absolutely loving the game fantastic work!!

As a learning artist, I wanted to ask how you got such a pretty grainy effect on the background in Edgar's room in the beginning - the result looks amazing!  Thanks again :-)


Thanks!  My method is using procreate, but you can probably achieve similar things with other programs.

1. create a new layer, fill with a color of your choice

2. Set that layer to a mode like overlay or something similar

3. Adjustments -> Noise to make noise

4. (Optional) In the options, change to multicolor to make it more rainbow-y

Thank you so much for your reply!! I鈥檒l definitely give this a try - the effect is super cool!

Game is super heartfelt and has such a cool style.  Thanks for being a huge inspiration to continue my own projects :-)

Is the Steam version different from this itch.io version?  馃


Same version 馃憤

Are there multiple romanceable characters or is it just the big wolf?

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You can't share as much love with anyone else as you do with James, and the only yiffing scene is with him.  The story is mostly linear.  Great story, though!

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Because I'm sensitive to certain things, has the "bad" ending, if there is one, to do with Death? Is there a TW? Because I'd totally love to play that VN so bad, but can't really take certain things well >_>


SPOILERS, kind of.

I was concerned too, Yeen, but the game makes the good ending obvious enough, and with using your moral compass too, you should be able to save everyone easily enough.  Even if you did make the wrong choice, you can save and reload or backtrack easily enough.  Even if you did accidentally make the wrong choice, there's no overly mean violent content or anything like that, it will just be made pretty clear that you didn't choose the proper choice to get the real ending.

So don't worry, just save your game when you encounter a choice you're unsure of, or if you really don't want to be bothered look up a walkthrough, and you'll see the proper full game and ending.  Highly recommend this game for many reasons.  One of which is showing the horrors of fascism, hate, and late-stage capitalism in our time.  But it's also very emotional and loving.  It's really good.  See my review.


Out of curiosity, would I be able to record a playthrough of this for Youtube? I ask cuz sometimes paid VNs don't like it when you record yourself playing/reading them.


sure no problem 馃憤 

Really enjoyed the game, particularly the music, absolutely my jam. Is there any sort of compilation of the soundtrack available? 

Thanks!  Someone uploaded a few songs here https://youtube.com/@SuperTacoCrewFan

Thanks for the swift reply! I'd come across these videos, seems like this is as close as I'm going to get for now!


I really hope this gets a sequel 馃槍


Will there be a version for Mac?

so is the game still updating or it is the final update

It is finished, the updates are for tweaks or bug fixes


When will the public version will be updated?


wish it had a CG gallery


Well... damn. that hit the feels LOL. 

Was a rollecoaster of emotions haha dunno when I got so many mixed feelings... tense, excited (in many ways hehe), surprised, happy etc.

I'm prolly gonna write an "essay", so if u'r azy to read it all, to sum it up for ya: SHUT UP AND PLAY THE GAME! BAHAH

Yeah, I do recommend it a lot... in all these years, in this vital indutry, this is the first time that I got so enthralled by a VN - get the reference xP 

As I saw on the comments, I too endend paying it all in a single sitting LOL.

IT IS TOO GOOD to keep playing it over days - and I had the time (even tho it's like 12h PM 'cuz wanted more to play than to sleep hahaha).

Something I'm curious: it's stil on version 0.91... usually when a game is finished it's like version 1.0...There will be more updates for it?

Oh yea, just remembered, there's a good chunk of typos on the writing... like, names writen in minuscule "james, edgar etc." and words that's obvisouy a typing error - don't remeber any now, but example: how are you feeinlg?

I missed some things (probably other people too), aka: 

  • gallery - needed to save while hiding UI to come back to the image later;
  •  music room or something like that - there are soooooo many awesome music :D ;
  • an option like open dyslexic, as some stuff was hard to read (moreso for the about menu... wonder for who that page was made, as it's damn hard for anyone to read haha);
  • oh, another stuff that I do like in any game (which is rare on VNs) is some sort of track of game "conclusion" (don't know a better word), basically showing something like a % of how much text of the VN you've read across all the routes... it helps to let u know if u missed something - even tough it seems like this one has only 3 endings, the bad, the good and (presumably) the perfect good (correct me if there's more, maybe I missed something LOL).

By the way, those musics are royalty free or what? want to know if it's okay to use them on personal projects - or even not personal haha

Okay, now, let's for a more in-depth review of sorts LOL


  • World Background
    • The world has an interesting construction, it's like 80s but very hightech xP and it's easy to understand and feel like you'r part of that world - it's not some farfetched sci-fi world, it even has lots of topics that are veeery relatable, like AI development and the like (it even made me reflect a bit about some topics, to be sincere)
  • Character Desing
    • The characters are full of personaity and were well writen, they do feel like real people and it's interesting to interact with them also, they're hot as fck bahaha
  • Art
    • The art is fabulous! Both for the BGs and characters :D they do seem a bit different on the NSFW scenes - a bit hotter, to be honest, but I do think that was intended LOL
    • Some parts of the game there was no BG when the presence of one would crearly enrich the experience
  • Story Development
    • The story developed a bit too fast for my tastes - cuz damn, it's too good to end so soon bahaha - but overall it's awesome, there was no rush, it was well developed
  • Writing Quality
    • Well writen as fck!! As said previously, has only some minor typos here and there, but it's perfectly readable and understandable - heck, my english isn't so good and I understood it with no problem
    • Found no inconsistencies - besides one, that dunno if can even be considered one: the first day that u sleep on James house, it says u used his keycard for the house and that he did go out for work, then he gives u a keycard of your own...it made me think like "wait, but if I used his keycard, how the hell did he go out?"... that can be explained by him have spare keycards, which I assume was part of the story, but even then this part was the ony one that made me a bit "WTF?" as there was na comment on that - it's not even really necessary on my viewpoint, but maybe something that makes the story more rich...
    • I've tried all the routes - even tho there aren't many - and they're all well written to give u a proper ending (even if it's not a good one...) so it was a good experience
    • Oh yeah, about the NSFW stuff, it was pretty cool too :D well written and veeeery sexy haha the art complemented a lot too - I do think the sex part was too short - didn't feel really natural to be, being honest, as I'm not acostumed with sex without a foreplay, but dunno what other think about it bahaha

Well, I think that's it that I have to say for now bahaha became so sleepy that the ideas are becoming fuzzy LOL won't even read it again before posting now, so sorry for the bad grammar and if I wrote any shit xP

Thanks for the awesome work!

Oh, besides, are u working on any other VN of your own or even helping other VN projects? Maybe even doing a sequel... the possibiity exists, with Al out there...

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Saw it on youtube, seemed interesting, played the demo and liked, now gonna check full version bahaha hoping it's as good - or better - than the demo :D

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ehm, dude, where's the open dyslexic option? or something of the sorts

some things are damn hard to read...tho I found something that's hard for ANYONE to read LOL

It's not leting me paste a print here, but it's the "About" page

Will this get a MAC version?


Is there gonna be a sequel cause you seemed to have ran out of time on adding other love interests?



Read all of this in one sitting, Im fucking sobing, the ending was so cute, MY HEART AANANAGANAGNABAGANBAGHGAbnANGANAGHAGHn.


How do I get to the end of the thief? I saw cg_ending_thief in the file, but I don't know how to achieve it

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how do i get this ending?


Well I鈥檇 hate to spoil the fun - but try making different choices in scenes with mom :)

I havent played the game for the past 9 months or so. Can u have romance with the guy on the right site ?^^ that chunky one


as far as i know the romance is linear, no alternative romantic options

Really cool game! I'm as synthesis lover adore this main menu music and whole cyberspace theme


how many endings there are? 

From where i know only 2 endings


It would nice if there a Choice which char route you want go with. But GOD Jame.... Why are you so darn cute? AL also a sweetheart but sometime scary due what he is made for without the chip.

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Really only one, though, as the other is bad and makes that very apparent by being a bad/sad as well as short and just obviously the wrong choice and wrong ending lol.   So really there is only one "true" ending, and it's pretty obvious when you reach this choice, but you should save it to make sure you choose the true one although the game does let you backtrack through the history to some degree.

This is a really wonderful game and story though and you should play it, at least try the demo!  See my review below.

i mean, i chose to save James and got a good ending, but i also saw a image of Edgar reuniting with his mother, how do i get that ending (assuming is really a ending and not a fake/in-game dream?

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Looks like Deckerwolf already replied, but feel free to reply to me again if you still need help! ^n.n^


I purchased the full vn yesterday and I have to say I LOVED IT! The dystopian setting and soundtrack really hit that 80s vibes which I really like. The story, artstyle and characters are A class!

The relationship between Edgar and James is heartwarming and, heh, sexy... 馃槈 This vn shows how creative deckerwolf and his team are and I want to see more of his works. I recommend playing the full vn and experience a story that will is entirely satisfying! I give this vn 6 stars

I loved the book! I really did!

But dont you think the whole like, book is a short, and quick? The book is pretty quick to get through, and the whole plot twist was really confusing as well, im just here to let yall know if you guys can try to change more, even yet add more routes other people to date!

Is there any way to download from Itch.io?

I've bought the game from Steam since my card keeps on getting declined here, also I can't download from Steam since I don't have a PC. QwQ

Deleted post
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Are you on the fence wondering if it might not be a very deep, emotional, or adventurous game?  Boy would you be wrong!  Try the demo and you'll soon be learning what I did, that this is a wonderful beautiful game in so many ways, and everyone should play it!

It's set in a dystopian world...until you realize that our world is just as dystopian, and it's actually just our world, plus more tech, plus us furries having the bodies that we should have.

The game perfectly showcases our struggles against fascism, corporations, capitalism, and the abuse and horrors that those inflict.  It also touches on important related topics like automation and artificial intelligence.

Furries like myself will of course love seeing furries in games and movies, so that's certainly a huge plus for us, but you definitely don't have to be a furry to enjoy this game, i.e. there's more than just furry eye candy including yiff.   The story telling is wonderful and the topics are extremely relevant to today's struggles and hits you right in the feels.

It includes the option to enjoy yiff as part of the love, which everyone should do, because sex is a normal good part of love and of life!  But if you really aren't interested in seeing loving gay yiff, you can play the lesser version without it!

Getting the true good ending isn't too difficult, although I did have to save it in one place where I really wasn't sure which choice would give me the true good ending, and did have to reload one time to find out which would give the best/true ending.  It'll be obvious as to which decision this is so you can do the same thing, so don't worry, you'll figure it out!

Highly recommended, 11/10, made me laugh, made me cry, made me think, made me cum, and made me want more!  Also thank you Deckerwolf for the Linux support, it runs flawlessly!

Go Super Taco Crew! <3


omfg that was a whirlwind of emotions 

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hey so is VN done


Just finished and the story and music is awesome! Really outdid yourself! Will there be a part 2? Im curious what will happen to Edgar and AI in the future.


Thank you!  I am not sure yet about a sequel but it may happen later on

Please make it possible! I love this vn and I want to see more



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hey deckerwolf can i make a gameplay of super tace crew on youtube? 

my channel name is captain fighvn

yep that鈥檚 fine 

to clarify, it seems sfw, but it it uwu?


There is a sfw or nsfw option :D


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